RECAPP collects content from your social feeds and creates a fun video that you can share among friends.

Sync with one, or all of your social feeds, set your time, and begin. Post to Twitter, check in on Facebook, create videos with Vine and/or take pictures with Instagram. Turn any celebration, event, or special moment into your own original video.

Download RECAPP


  • 1. CONNECT

    Name your RECAPP and invite your friends to join. The more friends you invite to participate the better your video will be.

  • 2. CREATE

    Take photos with Instagram, videos with Vine, post on Twitter and make status updates on Facebook. When your RECAPP is done we'll combine them all to create an awesome video of your event.

  • 3. SHARE

    Show everyone what a great time you had. Post your RECAPP to multiple social feeds and relive the night with all your friends.

RECAPP by Stoli

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